April 2016 | Top Posts Of The Month

My most popular blog posts and vlogs from April 2016.

Top Posts of April 2016

  1. And… It’s Finally Over
    How my experience at work ended.
  2. What’s Happening With Celine Now?
    How Celine has been since she was cleared of Perthes Disease.
  3. Top Posts of March
    Top blog posts and weekly vlogs from March 2016.
  4. Thank Goodness the Holidays Are Almost Over
    Sometimes school holidays are a little too long.
  5. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Movie Review.
  6. Why I Immunise My Children
    Why immunising your child is a Duty and not a Right.


April 2016 Weekly Vlogs

  1. First Swing (28 March to 3 April)
  2. Crutch Dance (4 to 10 April)
  3. Little Cutie (11 to 17 April)
  4. Celine Makes French Toast (18 to 24 April)

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