A Review Of My October Challenges

Today is the second to last day of my October Blog Challenge month. Normally I would do this post on the last day of the month rather than the second to last day. But tomorrow is Halloween and you and I both know that means a Halloween post is in order for that day! So today is the day to review my October challenges.

The first thing I noticed this month is that I didn’t struggle anywhere near as much as I did in the July Blog Challenge month. I was a little late getting a post out every now and then but I did manage to come up with unique content for each day of the month of October. This is an awesome improvement to me and I hope that next Blog Challenge month means that I can do even better with this.

The second thing I have to report is a huge improvement of my statistics. In fact I’ve had the most views this October than I have ever had since moving my blog from the blogger platform to the wordpress platform in March of this year.  That’s the good news. The bad news is that I didn’t get more visitors than my now second most popular month. Of course that could change by the end of October since there is still another day to go. Here’s hoping right?

I’ve also had more comments this month that I’ve had for a long time. This is an added bonus because I do love interacting with my readers. I generally hope that this trend will continue but I don’t really expect it.

For the month of November things will go back to normal with blog posts going out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So expect a lot less posts over the next month or two. The next Blog Challenge month will be January.

If you participated in this months Blog Challenge, how did you go?


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