July Blog Challenge End | Hey! I Made It!

I managed to blog 31 posts this month. Well today makes the 31st but still. I managed to complete my July Blog Challenges.

I honestly struggled with this challenge a lot more than I thought I would. It’s strange to know that something I found rather easy only a couple of years ago to have been so hard to do now.

So, in honour of completing my challenges, let’s look back over the month and how well the challenges affected my blog.

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Ultimate Blog Challenge & Ultra Blog Challenge

Bearing in mind that I only moved my blog from blogger to wordpress in March and I only have stats going back to that point. Was this my biggest month of views? No. But it did make my second and that’s some pretty good effort. The only month that make bigger views was the month I posted about my experience with domestic violence. Hard to beat a post about violence I guess. But I also didn’t put as much effort into outreaching and interacting with other blogs that I could have. I could have tried harder and connected more. But for me, that wasn’t the challenge. For me, the challenge was producing 31 posts in a month rather than just 10.

So with that in consideration would I do this again? Well not in any. I certainly couldn’t put out another 30 posts for the month of August for example. I would need pool together a few post ideas first. But I wouldn’t throw the idea out completely. I just need to recoup my inspiration first.

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