In fact, HELL the EFF NO!
OK, this is not my usual type of blog post. I don’t usually swear on here and usually avoid it as much as possible because who takes someone who swears seriously? But this is most certainly a swearing matter. For everyone.

New Zealand is a pretty progressive country when it comes to Women’s Rights. It was the self-governing colony in the British Empire to allow women vote on 18 September 1983 which in turn allowed the first woman Mayor for Onehunga (at the time a city of it’s own that is now part of Auckland, New Zealand) in the same year.
Helen Clark became the first female Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1989. Jenny Shipley became the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1997 when Jim Bolger was voted out of office and Helen Clark became the first Elected female Prime Minister in 1999 when the general elections were held and even held that office for 3 consecutive terms.
Women are not chattel. We are not property to be brought and sold and abused at will. Rape is illegal regardless of whether it is between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends, siblings, siblings friends, neighbours, or random people. Sex should be consensual and if at any time the woman (or man because rape occurs both ways) says the word “no” at ANY point of the act or if she is incapacitated to the point that she has no idea what is happening at the time or is unable to say anything let alone the word “no” then she is being raped.
Rape, my friends, IS illegal, and for good reason. Legalising it would be the start of a breakdown in crime prevention. A stepping stone to allowing other serious crimes to be excused.
Pro-Rape Blogger, Daryush Valizadeh,
founder of the Return to Kings group.
(photo from NZ Herald)
That’s why reading recent articles online in the newspaper that some A$%#@&$E blogger in America belonging to the group Return to Kings is not only trying to bring in legal rape on private property but has set up meetings in Australia and New Zealand and other countries around the world as soon as this coming WEEKEND is a swearing matter to me.
I would hope that Daryush Valizadeh is joking with this insane sick idea to legalise rape in any form but I very much fear he is not. Countries around the world is struggling to remove the rape culture that seems to permeate like a bad smell. It’s bad enough that people have this stupid idea that women bring rape on themselves by the way they dress or act instead of the simple fact that men have relieved themselves of the responsibility of their own lack of self control by coming up with any excuse for it. And this “man” (and I use that word loosely because no real man would force themselves on women) wants to make rape legal.
What comes next? Legalising abuse? Legalising murder?
We cannot stand for this. Men, stand up for your wives, your girlfriends, your mothers, sisters, aunts. Protect your DAUGHTERS. Don’t allow such an atrocity to occur. Prevent this terrorist from even entering our countries and trying to promote this disgusting behaviour.
Send him back.
We don’t want him here.

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