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Confession time: I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12 years old but I have never removed the previous colour before dying my hair a new colour. That’s 20 years of hair dye build up that I have never removed.

The problem with this is that I usually dyed my hair in colours of red tones. So when I started putting purple dye through my hair this year I started to notice that my hair kept returning to a red shade after a couple of weeks.
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Brand: My Hair Dresser
Item: Permanent Hair Colour Remover
That is why I was pretty excited to try out this My Hair Dresser Permanent Hair Colour Remover that I found in my local pharmacy and decided to share my first impressions with you!
"amummyslifenz" "my hair dresser" "permanent colour remover" "product review"
Before Colour Removal

At first I only got one box as a trial. I found it fairly easy to use if a little tricky being not used to using a bowl and brush application system rather than an applicator bottle system. This box removed quite a bit of colour from my hair. Maybe about 8-10 years worth of colour. But it still left quite a lot of red in my hair.

One thing I did notice however was that despite the obvious change of colour to my hair there was no run off colour during the rinsing and shampooing process. I’m not sure where the colour goes to but can only assume that it dissolves the hair dye.

"amummyslifenz" "my hair dresser" "permanent colour remover" "product review"

After 1st box of Colour Removal
Because I was unsure about having an unknown chemical in my hair I decided to wait a week before getting a second box to try and remove the rest of the colour. While My Hair Dresser claims to contain no bleach it does say not to use my than twice in a row.
The second time I used this product it removed a lot more colour but it has still left a little too much red in my hair for my liking. I am going to have to use a third box in a few days time to try to remove the last of it.
"amummyslifenz" "my hair dresser" "permanent colour remover" "product review"
After 2nd box of Colour Removal
The last I remember of my natural colour was that it was a mousey brown colour so this is definitely not it although much closer than the first box left me. I will do an update post once I have used a third box and a fourth one if it is needed.

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