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I got asked to do a review on a really cool cup called the Mighty Mug. My cup arrived last week on Tuesday after quite a quick delivery for an international company and I have to say I am quite impressed with it so far!

The Mighty Mug has a special Smartgrip Technology which allows it to stick to a flat surface without tipping if it’s been knocked accidentally which as a mother with small children is something that happens quite a lot. Something that can be particularly costly if you are working around computers or laptops like I do as a blogger and vlogger as a friend recently found out when her own little ones managed to knock her coffee onto her brand new laptop! It is not a suction cup however so it is also very easy to pick up.


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I ordered the teal travel mug.
I recorded some of mine and my children’s initial attempts to knock it over with and without liquid inside and tried out a few different surfaces including the dining table, a book and even the side of the fridge! At one stage I even held it upside down and I’m very pleased with the fact that the lid contained all of my drink without a single leak during the experience!
Obviously there are limitations to the Smartgrip technology. It works best on a flat clean smooth surface. Don’t expect it to work on a curved surface or a rough surface. It also will not withstand excessive force. It isn’t a suction cup after all but for a typical office type situation where you might knock your cup reaching for a pen for example, it is perfect. There are also different styles of the mighty mug so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

Now for the exciting part!
"amummyslifenz" "mighty mug" "product review"
This Mug is freaking AWESOME!
I love it and Hubby wants one too.
Mighty Mug has also asked me co-host a Giveaway! All you have to do is click here to enter and fill in your first name and email address. The Giveaway starts today (Wednesday 16 September 2015) and will continue to run until 9 pm EST on Wednesday 30 September 2015 and is open to all countries. The winner will receive a USD30 gift card which will cover pretty much any style of Mighty Mug you wish to choose and free delivery to those living in USA. International participants will just need to cover the cost of shipping if they go above the USD30 limit.

 "amummyslifenz" "product review"

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