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As most of you know, I have 4 children. Two of which are at the toddler and preschool ages that is very curious about stuff and like to get into places they shouldn’t. This makes safety a big priority for me as a mother. Which makes me excited to review some of Dreambaby’s latest products designed to keep our little ones safe.
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Dreambaby make a number of products designed to keeping our children safe from safety catches and car window shades to safety gates and thermometers. They also make a number of other child related items such as wall stickers, toys and night lights. We have bought a number of their products in the past and I am excited to try out a few of their new items.
I received 4 Dreambaby products to try out:
  • Insta-cling car shades,
  • Sliding locks with catch,
  • Secure catches, and
  • Door knob covers.

As always I’ve made a first impressions vlog for you.
As well as a more in depth written review of each product.


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Dreambaby Insta-Cling Car Shades
The Dreambaby Insta-Cling Car Shades
I found these very easy to put on and ideal for keeping the sun out of my baby’s eyes. You get 2 in a pack which is ideal for having one on each side of the car. I placed one on Bella’s window and one on Dani’s window in the car.
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Old Style vs New Style
The Dreambaby Sliding Locks with Catch
I thought these news ones were a nice design improvement from the older style ones that we already had. They appear to be more secure and a lot harder for my children to get into. Blake used to jimmy the older ones around until he could get them open but the new style makes that a little harder for him to do. Again there are 2 in a pack. I placed one on the cupboards under my kitchen sink where the cleaning products are kept and one on Hubby’s tool cupboard.

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Dreambaby Secure Catches
The Dreambaby Secure Catches
These were a little harder to install than the other items. It took me a few times to work out where I wanted my catches on the first one I installed and I actually broke a catch before I had it right. The second one I installed went a lot easier once I worked out what I was doing. Ladies, I recommend getting Hubby to install these ones unless you own a power drill. There are 7 in a pack so you can cover a few storage space areas. So far I have installed these in 2 of my kitchen drawers that hold my sharper utensils but you get 7 in a pack. They are ideal for both drawers and cupboard doors. The new ones seem better designed than the older style ones we used to have as well.

The Dreambaby Door Knob Covers

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Dreambaby Door Knob Covers
This was a little harder for me to test. The only actual round door knob that we have happens to be the back door of Mum’s cottage. However they are actually designed for laundry or kitchen doors or other doors that keep dangerous items in with the round door knobs. They are easy to lock with the covers on but hard for little hands to open which makes it hard for them to get into rooms they shouldn’t. There are 3 in each pack.


If you are interested in any of these products or some of Dreambaby’s other products, do go check out their website. Also if you want to keep up to date on Dreambaby’s latest products go follow them on Instagram and subscribe to them on YouTube. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page!
Now for the exciting part. Dreambaby have given me the opportunity to offer a giveaway of the same products I have just reviewed! Giveaway is only open to New Zealand readers only. Giveaway starts 16 November 2015 and ends 30 November 2015.

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