How to annoy your wife!

How to annoy your wife in 5 easy steps.
Especially applicable at “that time of month!”

#3 in action.
  1. Tell her how lucky she is that you’re cooking for her today… even more annoying when she’s the person who cooks 90% of the rest of the year
  2. Bring home a half melted KFC Krusher Drink and tell her it’s payment for doing the washing.
  3. Bring in food rubbish from the bedroom and leave it on the kitchen bench even though the rubbish bin was closer on kitchen entry.
  4. Feed the animals when it’s not their meal times especially annoying when it’s inappropriate food for their bodies.
  5. Send her a text or phone her from the bedroom when you want a cup of tea/coffee instead of coming out and asking her yourself. Or sent the kids.

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