When Dad’s-To-Be Nest!

Have you ever noticed that your husband or partner nests too during pregnancy?

building materials
Building materials for baby’s wardrobe.
Maybe it’s just not as obvious as when us women do it, but it’s definitely there! Strangely enough, it’s only this pregnancy that I’ve really noticed it. I didn’t notice it with our three older babies. Although if I think back hard enough, I’m sure it was there.
Male nesting isn’t the same as female nesting. 
Us mothers are ingrained to clean our house from top to bottom in preparation for the arrival of a baby who will otherwise demand all our time and make cleaning difficult in the first early weeks or months. 

Dad’s however have the provider instinct. They “provide” things. With Celine, we were renting so Hubby’s nesting was limited to buying toys and books and clothes and other things that babies need. Blake was pretty similar. 
when dad's nest
Wardrobe in progress.
But then we bought our own house and so with I was pregnant with Danielle and now with the soon to arrive Isabella, Hubby’s nesting has turned to building maintenance and renovations. With Danielle, he began to split the second lounge/dining room into a master bedroom for us and a spare room. He never actually finished it but he did start it.
With Isabella, my Husband has turned to finally building a wardrobe for her room. She will technically be the 3rd baby to live in that room but this is the first time he’s actually thought about and actioned building the wardrobe that this room was seriously lacking!
My only hope, is that he finishes building the wardrobe BEFORE this baby arrives!

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