What I hate about being pregnant

There is lots of things I love about pregnancy: growing a baby, feeling baby’s movements, knowing there is a miracle of life being created inside me…. But there are also a lot of things that I hate about being pregnant and could quite happily get through pregnancy without experiencing it.

5 Things I Hate About Being Pregnant

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Sleep pattern when pregnant with toddlers

  1.  Maternity clothes that don’t fit. 
    It doesn’t seem to matter that it fit properly when you tried it on or that it fit yesterday. When you really want to wear it, it just doesn’t fit. Jeans that fit perfectly 5 minutes ago, are now constantly needing to be pulled back up hips and shirts that covered beautifully last week are now needing to be constantly pulled down.
  2. The constant need to go pee.
    5 minutes after peeing, you need to go again. It could be a trickle or a waterfall but if you don’t go sit on the toilet immediately you can guarantee you’re going to wet yourself; and don’t get me started on what happens when you cough, sneeze, squat or laugh… Tena or Poise pads, anyone?
  3. Sleep? What’s that?
    It’s always seems like the number one advice you’re given during pregnancy is to sleep as much as possible because you won’t get much after baby is born. Guess what? Baby isn’t waiting until they’re born to interrupt your sleep. If the constantly needing to pee in the middle of the night wasn’t enough, add to it insomnia and general discomfort. It’s hard to find enough pillows to pile around your body to comfortably get to sleep. Toss in a toddler or two if you’re not a first time mummy and it’s a wonder you get any sleep at all!
  4. Pain and swollen body parts.
    Hips and lower back hurt. Face, hands and ankles swell. Rings and shoes no longer fit. Your vulva is both sore and swollen. Your breasts ache and why the heck are your teeth aching?
  5. Thoughtless comments.
    You’re huge! Are you sure you’re only having one? You look like you’re ready to drop! You’re lucky to be having another girl! Are you upset you’re not having another boy? (Anyone else ready to throw a few punches? No? Just me?)


What are some of yours?

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