Motherhood is not a battle… so why turn it into a war?

Helicopter parent vs free range parent. Attachment vs independant parenting. Bottle vs breast.
What is up with the parenting competition?
Why are we even making it a competition?
Years ago, when I had Celine, all I had to worry about as a parent was whether she was fed, safe, healthy and secure. Now a days if a mother does something differently to another mother she’s a “bad mum” gets her and her child’s photo plastered over the internet without her permission and becomes the victim of mom-shaming and bullying.
I mean, seriously? You do realise that parenting is not a one size fits all, right?

Why should one version of parenting be better than anyone else’s? Breast feed, bottle feed, wear your baby, put baby in a pram, co-sleep, don’t co-sleep. It’s all the same to me. What works for me and my family is not necessarily going to work for yours. What works for your family is not necessarily going to work for mine.
stop mommy wars
Stop Mommy Wars!
Being a mother is hard enough without judging each other’s styles. Accept that other mums parent differently to you and support them for it. Stop trying to bring them down just to make yourself feel better. 
Stop the Mommy Wars!

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