My Newborn Mummy Hacks

I grew up around babies from the age of 8. My brothers and sister are all older than me and had their babies while I was still growing up. So when I had Celine I thought I knew everything and was prepared for it all. I was wrong. It wasn’t until I had Blake and Danielle that I learnt most of these mummy hacks for dealing with newborns and I wished I had known them with Celine, so I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Nipple cream for breastfeeding
    My fave nipple cream.
    Nipple cream – This is one I did learn with Celine. Babies learning to breastfeed can really wreck your nipples. I’m talking cracked and bleeding here. Especially when they start cluster feeding on the second day before your milk comes in. That’s where nipple cream comes in. However it’s important to find one that you don’t need to remove before feeding baby. The one I use is great for that but may not be available in all countries so do some research for a suitable nipple cream.
  • Swaddling – I knew nothing about swaddling a baby for sleep when I had Celine but I wish I did. I spent hours rocking her to sleep as a baby before I could put her down in her cot. Sometimes I wouldn’t get to bed until nearly 11 pm. By the time Blake came around I not only knew about swaddling, I used it! He would go down for naps a lot easier than Celine ever did. The aim with swaddling is to try to simulate the confinement of the womb. It is important to keep the swaddling cloth or blanket loose around the hips so as not to cause hip problems later and to keep the area around the face clear so as not to block breathing.
  • White noise – Newborn babies spent 9 months listening to our heartbeats inside our body and then all of a sudden everything is quiet. It is one of the reasons they love snuggling on our chests so much. It’s the only way they can hear that heartbeat again. This is where white noise comes in. It simulates the sound of our heartbeat for the babies as they sleep. If you don’t want to buy a CD with white noise on it, try YouTube. There are lots of white noise videos that will go for 6 or 8 hours or even longer. Just plug in your tablet by the cot, put it on high volume and let it play.

    A milk leaked top
    Last night’s milk
    covered nightie
  • Nighties or tops that have been leaked on – It’s the bane of our newborn mummy lives. Baby cries and our breasts start leaking milk. But you can use that! In the morning when you change out of your milk covered nightie or top, turn it inside out with the milk covered side up and tuck it over the bottom sheet of your bassinet or the end of the cot that baby sleeps in. Make sure it’s well tucked in so baby can’t cover their face with it. This means when you put baby down to sleep they can still smell you and your milk and will settle easier. Make sure you change it every day so the smell is fresh.
  • Socks – It’s probably not something you think about especially on a hot day but newborn babies don’t really move much so their blood circulation isn’t the best. Their head and hands and body might be nice and warm but their feet are nearly always cold so even on a hot day try to keep a pair of baby socks on their feet to keep them comfortable.
    Wearing baby while out and about
  • Babywearing – Babies love being close to mum and often prefer to sleep on mum or be held rather than be put down. Getting something like a moby wrap or similar type of babywearing device (mine is a Funky Baby brand) means that baby can be held close to mum and mum can still tend to older children or get things done.


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