Isabella’s Labour Story

Just for those who are interested in reading labour stories, here is Isabella’s exciting one!

We’ll start with the weekend. All weekend off and on I had been having a series of Braxton Hicks. They are cramp like tightenings similar to contractions but where contractions increase in intensity during the tightening, a braxton hick is a constant type of tightening. To me, they feel as though baby is trying to push his or her way down. However at my weekly Midwife check up on Monday morning, baby still hadn’t engaged. I put them down as meaning nothing and something to ignore rather than get my hopes up.
On Tuesday morning I lost a large amount of my plug but because it was clear I put it down to normal plug break down rather than a show. I had been losing bits of it for the last couple of weeks. That afternoon my Mum mentioned that I looked lower than I had that morning so I took a photo to compare with my 39 week progress one that I had taken on Saturday, There was a definite change.
39 weeks pregnant
Saturday photo vs Tuesday photo.
Yes, I realise it should actually read 39+3 weeks not 39+4 weeks.
At about 8 pm the Braxton Hick type tightenings began again and continued for a couple of hours. Thinking they were the same as the ones over the weekend I ignored them as much as I could. 
About 10 pm, Blake woke up. I dealt with him and then went back to bed to try to get some sleep. Around 10:30 pm I realised that the tightenings had changed and I was feeling too uncomfortable to continue lying down. By this time Hubby was asleep so I grabbed my phone and went out to the lounge to walk off the pain. 
After about 5-10 minutes I realised that the tightenings were no longer constant but were increasing and decreasing in intensity. I downloaded a contraction timer and began timing my contractions. I timed a total of 4 contractions at 2.5 minutes apart and approximately 30-40 seconds long. At this point I thought I had better wake Hubby but as soon as I came to that decision, my waters broke! It was just before 11 pm at this point.
I hurried down the hallway to our bedroom yelling at Hubby to wake up as I walked into the room. I went straight to our bathroom and turned on the shower thinking to wash off my waters before we left for hospital and hoping to ease the contractions a little. I got into the shower and yelled for Hubby again. Another contraction and I yelled for Hubby even louder. This time he woke up and ran in panicking. 
When I told him my waters broke he went to turn off the shower but I stopped and made him call our Midwife. As he dialled her and told her of the situation the contractions got more intense and closer together. Hubby had our Midwife on speakerphone and I could hear her telling Hubby to me to hospital. However I could feel baby’s head crowning with my hands and told them it was too late, baby was coming now. 
Hubby dropped the phone onto the closed toilet lid with the Midwife still on speaker phone and reached out with both hands at the same time I did to catch our daughter as she dropped out. We caught her together. I unwrapped the cord which was loosely around her neck and she began to cry. I could hear our Midwife ordering an ambulance to our address through the speaker at this point. There had been only 5 minutes between my waters breaking and Isabella birthing at 11:02 pm

We turned off the shower as I held Isabella against my chest while he covered her in a towel. He had to get me another one from the linen cupboard. Hubby then got me a nighty to put over Isabella and me before going to get Mum from her cottage to watch our other children. By this time I was talking to our Midwife on the phone while waiting for the ambulance, keeping her updated on Isabella’s colouring and feeding status. Isabella was suckling on my breast at this stage.
Newborn Isabella
Isabella – minutes after birth

Mum came rushing in to see baby in as much shock as the rest of us. The ambulance finally arrived and we met them at the door. I had a blanket wrapped around us both by this stage. Mum stopped down the hallway to pick up Danielle who had woken up with all the fuss. Isabella and I got into the ambulance and Hubby got the car ready to follow behind us. The paramedic clamped Isabella’s cord and I got to cut it. This is the first time I had ever cut my own cord. The placenta was still inside me at this point.

We finally left with Hubby following in the car behind us. We were meant by another ambulance on the way so another second paramedic could join us. They wanted one to attend me while the other drove. I finally got the urge to push out the placenta about 10 minutes later. The bagged it and then injected me with oxytocin to help with the afterbirth bleeding. We reached hospital not too much longer after that.
We were met by our Midwife and taken to a labour room so we could assess Isabella’s vitals and stitch up the slight tear I received from the fast labour. Hubby joined us not long after. Isabella had continued feeding this entire time. I finally pulled her off my breast after the stitches had been completed so she could be weighed and measured and then popped her back on again once done. It was close to 1 am at time point. Isabella finally had enough of the breast and went to sleep. She was placed into the hospital bassinet and I hopped into a wheelchair after putting getting dressed. We all proceeded to a new room where Isabella and I were to stay the night.
Our Midwife left around 2 am and Hubby left closer to 4 am. Both returned later in the morning after some sleep (Hubby with the rest of our family in tow to meet baby) and Isabella & I were cleared to leave at 11 am. 
And that’s it! Our entire exciting unplanned home birth labour in a nutshell! It was so fast we didn’t even get to record Isabella’s birth like we did for Blake’s and Danielle’s.

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