When did Disney movies become anything other than pure fun?

Every time I open my facebook feed these days it’s full of blog pieces criticizing Disney movies. You know the type: why I won’t take my daughter to see Cinderella, why I won’t show The Little Mermaid to my daughter, the horrible lessons behind Snow White etc. Then there are the stupid Disney Princesses are drawn unrealist posts and the how Disney Princesses would look if they were real people posts.
When did we start analyzing Disney movies so much that we can no longer just enjoy the pure fun and entertainment of them? When did we stop pretending and start making them realistic moral lessons to teach our children with? When did we start comparing ourselves to a cartoon character as the idealistic female figure to obtain as an adult?
When did we lose the magic? 
Disney Princesses
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I grew up watching Disney Princess movies and while I admit to pretending to be Snow White and Cinderella as a child, I never grew up thinking I had to rely on a Prince to save me! Thousands of little girls grew up watching these magical movies and I’d bet most of them are suitably strong, worthwhile women who can support themselves and make decisions to get themselves out of difficult situations without having to rely on a man to do so except as a equal partner in a relationship. 
So why do we expect our own daughters to be any different?
Let our daughter’s enjoy the magic of a Disney movie. They have plenty of time to become feminists when they’ve grown up. For now, let them be children.

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