Dear Facebook

I’m a little concerned about your newest feature that you just added: Nearby Friends. Usually, when you add something new I either love it or have no feelings for it but this particular feature is something I just can’t get on board with.

I can see the harmless fun behind it. Find out what your friends are up to and if anyone is in the area for a catch up etc. But I also see the harmful potential behind it. Can you?

It is hard enough regulating the stalkers and pedophiles out there even without the added complication of social media. So many parents aren’t up to date with social media and phone apps and how our children are communicating with the world and to be frank, not a lot of teens are privacy savvy or careful about their friends. Popularity is just as rife in social media just as it is in the school yard.
But when you consider how many teenagers just add friends without checking if they actually know them just because the profile picture says they are another teen. When an adult makes up a fake profile to get close to those same unsuspecting teens who add people willy nilly and make no precautions to protect their privacy. When you consider how many of those teens are then stalked by these adults to the point of finding out where they live and arranging to meet them.

Can you see what my concerns about this Nearby Friends feature now? How much easier would it be for one of those pedopiles to find a victum? How many more children will this feature allow to be attacked?
Then there are the social network bullies. How many more people are going to get attacked by this feature that allows people to stalk them?
Please, Facebook, please, rethink this feature. For the safety of our children.
A Concerned Mother.

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