Perthes Disease Q&A Vlog Answered (Video)

A while ago I posted asking for your questions to Celine & myself aimed at a new Q&A vlog about Living with Perthes Disease and what life was like for Celine coming off the crutches.

I did do that Q&A Vlog but never quite got around to posting it on here.
I thought it was about time I did so!
Life After Crutches Q&A Vlog
Along with this Vlog I* have a few other Perthes Vlog updates that I don’t think I have gotten around to sharing with you either so here they are as well. The first is the X-Ray and Orthopedic appointment vlog. I did blog about this but can’t remember if I shared the video as well.
X-Ray and Orthopedic Appointment Update

Lastly, one of the things I was asked in the Q&A vlog was if I would put together various footage from the past vlogs into one easier history like vlog. I still plan to do that but it is a big task to do and it’s going to take up a lot of time. For now, I have taken scenes from the most popular vlogs with Celine in them and put them together in one video for you.
Culmination video of the most popular vlogs of Celine
Enjoy and thanks for watching.
If you have questions about Perthes Disease, then please comment below.
While I am no expert, I will try to answer them for you.



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