Could be problematic…

Recently Celine has been complaining about pain in her left hip. While this wouldn’t be a problem generally, with her Perthes Disease condition in her right hip it does raise alarm bells in my mind.

It can be hard to distinguish between Celine’s occasionally hypochondriac personality and real health issues. She’s played at being sick a few times and isn’t beyond using her Perthes Disease as an excuse not to do her chores.
But there is a time when you just need to listen and pay attention to her complaints, and when it comes to her hips I definitely need to listen. Especially when she’s mentioned that it’s her non-perthes hip that is sore rather than her perthes hip. 
For children just starting on their Perthes Disease journey, pain in the non-perthes leg can be quite common when they’re only just starting to get used to using crutches. All their weight is on that one leg so for a while it will be sore. But Celine isn’t just starting her journey. She’s a year into it. Her non-perthes leg is used to holding all her weight while using crutches. Unless she is doing some unusual exercise with that leg it shouldn’t be getting sore.
My dilemma is that her specialist appointment isn’t until February, just a month away. Do I wait until she has her X-Ray then and raise the question then. Or do I book her in for the GP to organise an X-Ray now? Would a month make much of a difference?

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