Update on Celine’s Perthes Disease

Celine had her orthopedic appointment two months ago. She is still in the regrowth stage and the specialist said she probably has another year of regrowth to go.  There was no change in her x-ray from the previous one.  We have another x-ray and orthopedic appointment in a couple of months time.
Celine - scooter
Celine enjoying a little freedom from her crutches

by scootering to school from the corner.
In terms of general day to day wellbeing, Celine still feels pain when she has over done things or in colder weather. With winter hitting New Zealand now this is happening more often and she is requiring her pain medication a lot more often than it had been during the summer and autumn months. Celine also still limps a little when she gets tired.
She is still not cleared for running and jumping etc although she is allowed to be more active than she has been in the past. However there are some days when I make her stay still and rest.
perthes disease update
That’s about it for now. Not really anything else I can update you on regarding Celine’s Perthes Disease journey. At least until her next x-ray and orthopedic appointment anyway.

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