The results of Celine’s last X-ray – FINALLY!

It’s only taken 2 months since her X-Ray but we have finally seen the Specialist for Celine’s results . To be honest, it was rather anticlimactic.

The short story is that there isn’t really much change since the November 2014 X-Ray. Maybe a slight flattening but nothing that the Specialist was overly concerned about. I am guessing (because you know how little information Celine’s Specialist ever gives me during these visits) that the flattening is caused more from continued solidation than from any disintegration. But I could be wrong. She also has a good Range of Motion and excellent balance while standing on either foot by itself.
Celine's Perthes Disease X-Rays
Celine’s X-Ray comparison.
February 2015 on left. November 2014 on right.
Either way, instructions are to continue as we have been. Allow Celine to be active in things such as riding her bike etc but to refrain from the usual activities like running, jumping etc. Give her pain reliever medication when she needs it (these days usually just at the end of the day before bed when she has overdone it) but not when she doesn’t. 
The Specialist did state that we will still have to keep an eye on it to make sure there is no collapse and that we will probably be looking at another year of healing before we will be through. He sees us again in 4 months time (around August 2015).

Perthes Disease Update

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