Our femur head is rounding out!

Celine had her x-ray and orthopedic specialist appointment today for her Perthes hip and we came away with some great news.


Getting the X-Rays

Today’s x-ray has shown considerable amount of bone consolidation since her last x-ray and the femur head has even started rounding back out. We still have a bit of gap to fill in obviously but our specialist thinks that provided the next x-ray in January 2016 shows even more bone growth we may be in the clear! Which is obviously awesome news for us.

checking ROM and leg length

Celine has instructions to continue as normal. Low impact activities only. No high impact activities. But she is cheered up by the fact that she may be in the clear after the next x-ray and will be able to do all those things once again when that happens.

Perthes Disease regrowth hip x-ray
Today’s x-ray

We’ve managed to get through this Perthes Disease business with nothing more than about a centimeter length in leg difference and I am so grateful that we have not had to put Celine through any surgeries to get to this point. It’s a long and often frustrating road (for her and I both) but to see Celine’s face light up and being told she’s nearly healed, so worth it!


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