Celine does NOT need a wheelchair!

OK, so there’s this crazy rumour going around that Celine needs a wheelchair based on the School’s Back vlog I uploaded last week. It seems to be particularly strong among the surgery advocate group for Perthes Disease but regardless of who or how it started, let’s clear something up.
Celine does not need a wheelchair. She is not a bilateral perthes child. The Perthes Disease remains in her right hip only. Technically, since Celine is in the regrowth stage of Perthes Disease based on her previous X-Ray in November, Celine doesn’t even need her crutches now. She was using them purely as a precaution against damaging the regrowth in her femur head. I kept her non-weight bearing as a precaution, not because she was required to be.
Now, in terms of her left hip. It is a condition caused by a change in her center of gravity by using only one leg to hold up her weight with the help of the crutches. The change in her center of gravity means that one leg has been compensating for the other. This affects not just her hip but her foot. You may argue that the crutches should be helping with that and with short term usage I would agree with you but Celine has been using crutches for a whole year. There had to be some after affects from that. It is not a long term condition. It is not even a crippling condition. Instead, think of it in terms of bruising. Her left foot is feeling bruised from holding up her weight even with the aid of crutches. Because her left foot is feeling sore she has adjusted how she was walking with her crutches and that affected her left hip.
I don’t know what the condition is called. The name of it completely slipped over my head when the GP told us what the problem was and to be completely honest it slipped over my head when the pharmacist said it too. Google wasn’t much help to me since I didn’t know what I was specifically looking for. Could your child get it? Possibly. Although remember Celine was a whole year before it happened to her. Also, she has just had a growth spurt and while I’m not a doctor I wouldn’t put it out of the question of contributing towards it.
The solution is simple. She just can’t put all her weight on that leg anymore even with the help of crutches. So last week we made the executive decision that she needs to have both feet on the ground to help with weight distribution and balance. Today we made the further decision that she is going to trial going without crutches for a day or so to see how she goes. Because realistically, she doesn’t need them.
I realise this decision is going to twist a few knickers but remember, Celine is my child and I have to do right by her. If she can no longer stand on her left leg to support the non-weight bearing restriction for her right leg then we have to modify her treatment to suit. The rest of her restrictions are the same. No running, jumping, hopping, climbing etc. She is allowed to swim and ride her bike. Sitting down activities is still the more preferable ones to active ones.
Was this the right decision for her Perthes hip? I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out at her next X-Ray in March. But one thing is for sure…
Celine does NOT need a wheelchair!


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