Back to crutches – but only for a couple of days!

Celine’s class started practicing this week for Cross Country day in August. The entire school participates and have to run a number of laps around the school. They do this every year and the first kids to complete the laps get to compete in the Interschool Cross Country.
Last year, because Celine was on crutches due to Perthes Disease, she stayed on the sidelines as a cheerleader. This year because she is allowed to walk we were going to let her participate but only by walking and only a couple of laps. This all depended on her hip of course.
Practice started on Tuesday. She managed one lap out of the 3 that her teachers tried to make her do despite me writing no more than 2 in the notes section of her homework book and then school finished. When she got into the car she was tired and a little sore and I made sure she took some of her pain medication before bed just in case.
Wednesday, however, was a completely different story. The first sign I had that something was wrong was one of her friends looking at me where I was waiting in the car over the school fence concerned when she should have been practicing. Then the school bell went and another of Celine’s friends was knocking on my car window. She told me that Celine had fallen over during practice and was with her teacher.

Celine on crutches with Blake

As other cars left I moved my car closer to the gate and when Celine finally came out she was limping and using the fence to keep her balance. I ended up carrying her over to the car and again to get her into the house and her room where I then gave her some of her pain medication and instructed her to use her crutches for the rest of the day.
We decided that as a precaution Celine would revert back to the crutches and sling system for a couple of days just to minimize any potential damage that she may have done to her hip. We’ve also instructed the school to excuse her from any further Cross Country practice.
Celine tried her best and falling over is par for the course for children of any age. Limping occasionally is fairly normal where Perthes Disease is concerned especially when the child concerned has overdone it a little. But the extent of Celine’s limping and her need to hold on to something while doing so indicated a much deeper hurt to me than just falling over would normally produce and we’d rather be safe than sorry.
So, crutches for a couple of days, and finger’s crossed Celine will be off them again by the end of the weekend with no lasting damage to her still healing hip.
But no more Cross Country. At least not this year.
perthes disease update

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