A Big Thank You!

Last year Celine received a number of gifts from various vlog viewers at the end of the year in appreciation of her online presence in the Perthes Community. This week, Celine received another gift from another appreciative viewer. We don’t ask for these gifts but we sure do appreciate them and we feel very blessed that people we have never met seem to want to send Celine gifts.

This time Celine has received a new pair of Birkenstock sandals in a gorgeous floral design. Which is quite opportune since Celine has outgrown the pairs of sandals she received last summer after a recent growth spurt.

A very happy Celine with her new Sandals
The reason I’m blogging about this? This is my way of saying a huge thank you to those who follow view our vlogs, read my blog posts or follow me on other social media streams. I also want to say a very special thank you to the people who sent Celine her new sandals. I can honestly say she loves them. She hasn’t stopped wearing them since they arrived.

A close up of the gorgeous sandals




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