A Belated Merry Christmas

Christmas was a quiet time for our family this year. Jingles said goodbye on Christmas Eve by leaving the children Christmas Eve bags full of activities to do on Christmas Eve as well as jammies to wear that night and an outfit to wear on Christmas day.

The children spent the day colouring in their Santa Sacks with their new colouring pens and blowing
"amummyslifenz" "Merry Christmas"
Jingles saying good bye
up a balloon for their balloon helicoptors. They had eaten their goodies by lunchtime and had their milkshakes with lunch. We made biscuits and tim tam balls to put out for Santa. Had a visit from our new neighbours who gave us some of their own homebaking. They ended Christmas Eve by watching a Christmas movie, getting into their special Christmas jammies and putting out the treats for Santa and Rudolph.
On Christmas morning they woke up to find Rudolph had eaten his grated apple and Santa had nibbled on his treats and drunk his milk. They also found the presents under the tree that Santa had left. They watched another Christmas movie while they waited for our traditional bacon and egg
"amummyslifenz" "Merry Christmas"
Treats ready for Santa and Rudolph
and the children ready for bed.

breakfast to be cooked and we all enjoyed breakfast before settling in to open presents.

The children then played with their gifts while Daddy started the Christmas roasts and we waited for our guests to arrive. We had a fruit platter and sweet platter of snacks on the table for everyone to nibble on before the roasts were ready. After a meal where we ate far too much, we all relaxed on the couch. Later our
guests went home and the children played outside and enjoyed the sun for a while.
"amummyslifenz" "Merry Christmas"
Merry Christmas from the amummyslifenz family
The evening was spent snacking on the leftovers rather than an actual dinner and the children went to bed well past their usual bedtime.
We spent Boxing Day watching Netflicks while the children enjoyed the new sprinkler that Santa gave them because it was such a hot sunny day.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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