6 Questions About Myself: Re-Answered

One of my more popular posts is one I wrote in 2013 when I asked and answered 6 questions about myself as a way to introduce myself and my blog. It continues to receive a lot of hits even now. Since a lot has changed from then I thought I would re-answer those questions with more up-to-date answers!

Blogger’s name and why you chose it?

The name I blog under is AMummysLifeNZ. I am a mother in NZ and I blog about mum life so it’s a very appropriate and fitting name I feel. 

My children

Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about now?

I first started blogging when I was trying to conceive my second child. I had just suffered a miscarriage and thought that losing weight while I was waiting to get pregnant would help. The blog was an outlet during this process.

Since then it has morphed into pregnancy posts, weight loss posts, recipes, motivation, product reviews and Perthes Disease but the majority of my posts and what my blog mostly is about now is motherhood and in particular, mothering my family.
Introduce your family.
There are six of us now in our little family. There is myself (Patricia), my husband (Eugene) and our four children: Celine (7), Blake (3), Danielle (2) and Isabella (7 weeks). Also living with us, in a cottage of her own on our shared property, is my mother otherwise known as Nana.

We also have a number of animals, most of whom are considered family pets and a few that aren’t. We have one dog called Jazz though he is technically Nana’s pet rather than our own. Then there are 2 turtles – Porky and Monkey. We then have four cats –  Frodo, Cesar, Diva and Grey. They are the animals we consider pets and therefore family.

The other animals we have are Mr Rambo (who is actually our neighbour’s ram but he is living in our paddock at the moment) and Daisy (our sheep) and two calves, Bambi and Red. We are looking to breed Daisy next season and using her lambs to fill the freezer and the two calves will also freezer fillers when they get old enough.
What are your hobbies?
These days I’m lucky to do anything for myself but usually my hobbies when I get time to do them are sewing, reading, playing Sims 4 and watching certain tv series. My favourites at the moment are The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, CSI: Cyber, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, iZombie and Fringe.
Where do you see your blog next year, 2 years from now, 5 years from now? 
To be honest I don’t really know. This blog is nearly 5 years old now and had evolved so much. I would hope that I will still be going 5 years for now and hopefully it will be even better then than it is now.
What are your aims and inspirations for your blog?
My aim for my blog is to bring reality to the idea of motherhood. To show that there are good days and bad days and both are ok. My inspirations these days usually come from my children and my life and experiences with them. 




About AMummysLife NZ

Mother of 4 children. Blogger about family life, recipes, product reviews and motherhood in general.
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