Update on Bella

Can you believe Isabella is 9 weeks old already and I still haven’t done an update on her? Gosh I feel so slack!

Isabella was born 8 September 2015 weighing 3.925 kg and measuring 54 cm in length and 35 cm in head circumference. Today at 2 months old she is 5 kg exactly and according to our Plunket Nurse supposedly measures 57 cm in length and 38 cm in head circumference. Except, her 6 week measurements according to our Midwife had Bella at 60 cm in length so either she shrunk (which I doubt because I can tell she’s grown heaps) or someone has measured wrong (just don’t ask me who).

sucking her thumb

Bella is already wearing size 00 clothing which is estimated for the 3-6 month age group and doing so quite comfortably. Some items are a little big on her but most fit nicely.

She sleeps reasonably well in day and night with her longest day sleep in the morning of about 3 hours or so and at night for about 6 hours between 7:30 pm to 1:30 am. The rest of her sleep is usually either 30 minute cat naps to 1 hour sleeps during the day and 2-3 hour stretches at night. Bella settles herself to sleep although we use Blue Noise to help her settle.

We are exclusively breastfeeding because that’s what works best for us. (If you bottle feed then well done. Fed baby is best!) She also sleeps on her tummy rather than back when in her cot. She doesn’t like sleeping on her back and won’t do it for more than a few minutes at a time. We also co-sleep sometimes during unsettled nights.


Bella is able to roll from tummy to back already and has been doing so for most of the last month. She also wriggles backwards, forwards and around in circles. She smiles and coos and is trying to laugh and giggle. She focuses well and turns to sounds when she hears them.

Isabella has found her thumb so is a thumbsucker and also appears to be getting her first teeth. We can see two little white lines on her bottom gum where her teeth should be come up although we can’t quite feel them yet.




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