Celine’s 8 Year Old Update

Since I’ve done a birthday update for Blake, I’m doing one for Celine as well. Celine has just turned 8 years old (I feel so old right now!) and is already quite the young lady.


just before Christmas

Celine will be year 4 in the new 2016 school year (the New Zealand school year runs from February to December) and will hopefully be moving to the next classroom up from the one she was in this past 2015 school year. They changed how the children move around classrooms this year and instead of moving up by age they now move up according to their “self learning” goals. They have to complete so many of their goals before they move up. At least in our school anyway.

Celine’s Perthes hip has been relatively good this summer so far. We are still hoping to be cleared this January by her Orthopaedic Specialist on her X-Ray. Her appointment has been set for the morning of the 15th.
Celine has felt very confined this past year though due to her Perthes hip. In some ways it was much easier last year while she still had to use her crutches permanently. It was a physical reminder to herself and her teachers and peers that she had limitations on her activities. This year, no longer being on crutches has meant constant verbal reminders to both Celine and her teachers that she is still limited in those activities. Even having had Celine for the last a year and a half (the half year while on crutches) the teacher cannot seem to remember that Celine has restrictions. I’ve caught her out a few times trying to make Celine do certain sports that Celine is not allowed to participate in until she has been cleared of Perthes. This has been rather frustrating for us all. This year, if Celine is cleared of Perthes, she will be allowed to participate in everything again. She will no longer have restrictions.
There are no other health concerns for Celine at this stage.
Personality and Behaviour

being an awesome big sister

Celine is complicated with her behaviour and personality. She has always had a cut-off-her-nose-to-spite-her-face kind of personality but we’ve actually had less tantrums this past year than previous years so maybe she really is starting to grow up.

However, she still hates being told what to do if it’s something she isn’t in the mood for such as her homework or chores. Occassionally she will talk back to us and we pull her up on it. I guess that’s an age thing though and will only get worse as she gets older.
There are days when Celine is an awesome big sister and days when she needs time out and space to be herself because they annoy her.
We have had a strong focus on chores this year. Especially in keeping her room clean and in putting away her clothes, properly, not just dumping them on the floor under her bed or her wardrobe. She also has to help take out the rubbish bags on Wednesday mornings and the recycling bins on Friday mornings. Also in her list for chores is helping with emptying and refilling the dishwasher and opening and closing the front gate when we go out in the car.
Loves and Hates



Celine loves wearing cool hair styles

Celine loves Barbie, My Little Pony and Monster High. When she has the chance she looks them upon either YouTube or Netflix. There are a few others that she likes to watch too but I can’t remember what they are.

Celine is very much a “girly girl” and has a huge sense of style. She has an excellent eye for colour and detail and is quite the fashionista. I just wish would focus on other colours for herself than pink or purple although she has branched out into blue a little bit which looks lovely on her. She loves doing nails and interesting hairstyles and often wants to wear my make up or jewellery.
She has started to display an interest in cooking as well which I would like to focus on this year with her.
Celine has also got a talent for photography. she has taken more than a few of my style dare photos for me.

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