Celine Turns 8

This past weekend was Celine’s turn to have a birthday. My baby monkey has just turned 8! I’m really starting to feel old lately with my oldest two babies having birthdays and growing up so fast.

Celine celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a couple of friends over (one planned, one not) during the day to play and ending the day with one of them (the planned one) staying the night for a movie sleepover.

Birthday presents from the family


I took the other (unplanned) friend home after all the kids had made their own tortilla pizzas for dinner and had cake. Then Blake and Dani went to bed while Celine and her friend made up the couch bed and watched kids movies on Netflix with popcorn and lamingtons. I ended up interrupting their 3rd movie at 10 pm to insist they go to sleep although it was well after 11 pm before they actually did so!

Even Jingles joined in the birthday fun

They spent Sunday morning watching Barbie movies in bed until her friend’s mother arrived to pick her up.

Blowing out the candles

Gosh, I still can’t believe my oldest baby is now 8 years old! Happy birthday little Monkey!



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