Blake’s 4 Year Old Update

Can you believe Blake is 4 already? It seems like just yesterday that I was starting this blog as a way to express myself in my journey to lose weight and try to conceive him and now he’s 4 years old. (Which means the blog is also coming up to a 5th birthday, yikes!). I felt that it was time for an update on Blake and how he’s growing up!

Blake attends kindergarten 4 days a week. He started in January this year (2015) at 2 days a week and progressed to 3 days by the end of the first term. We moved him to 4 days a week in the last month of term 4. Next year (2016) we hope that he will become full time at 5 days a week sometime in either the first or second term.
Blake and his sisters wearing tutus.
Blake will also be starting school visits in term 4 of 2016 with the aim of starting school full time on his 5th birthday. School visits are an integration period where he spends 1 day a week at school participating in all the usual activities of school to get used to how school works. School is very different to kindergarten so this gives the children a great expectation of what they will experience before they officially attend.
Blake has developed a squint in one eye. The eye muscle in his right eye is weak and turns inwards. We have been seeing a specialist who has recommended that Blake wear glasses to help correct this. Blake chose a Spiderman (of course!) pair and has been reasonably good with wearing them. He did lose them a couple of times at the start but we found them each time and picked up a spare pair just in case.
It was determined in Blake’s last specialist appointment that he needs a little extra help with his eye and so he has to “play pirate” for half an hour each day to strengthen his weaker eye. Blake isn’t so good with this however and often takes off the eye patch within a few minutes.
Blake is due for his 4 year old immunisations and his before school check (something that checks his basic education level meets the school level) now that he’s had his 4th birthday. He will be receiving these in January because the Nurse who comes in to do these checks and immunisations won’t be in before then.
Personality & Behaviour
Blake has a mix of sweetness and aggression in his personality. He loves his cuddles and loves to give us sweet kisses on each cheek. However when he gets frustrated he has a habit of hitting out at his sisters. We are working hard to stop this side of his behaviour.

Blake and Dani playing families

Loves and Hates

Blake is Spider Man mad. Like seriously Spiderman mad. He loves Spiderman. He has Spiderman glasses as mentioned above, 2 baseball caps, 1 woolie hat, 2 shirts, 1 shorts, a onsie and a pj set of Spiderman clothing. He also has Spiderman gumboots and is on his second pair of Spiderman shoes. He outgrew his first pair. I won’t even mention his Spiderman toys and books etc. His next love is Batman and Ironman. More Ironman that Batman but both would do.
Blake is a huge pastry boy. Pies are always a hit as long as it isn’t bacon and egg. Not because of the bacon. Blake loves bacon. But he doesn’t like egg. He won’t touch egg with a barge pole unless it’s in cake. Strawberries, grapes and kiwifruit are some of his favourite fruits. Vegetables can be a struggle to get Blake to consume and meat is a hit and miss for him. Mince is usually a winner and hashbrowns is always a hit.

Blake enjoys a wide variety of play interests. He loves colouring in, playing with a ball, zooming cars around and playing with dolls. Dress up and playing families is always fun for him.

Ironically, despite his love of Spider Man, Blake hates spiders themselves. He won’t stay in a room where he finds one.



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