Blake Turns 4

Yesterday, my one and only son turned 4 years old. It seems like only yesterday that he was born but here we are now a big huge 4. My little boy is growing up fast!


Bouncy Castle Fun


We celebrated this year by having an actual party for him. One that wasn’t just family. Blake invited 2 friends from kindy (one of which brought his sister with him too) and we hired a bouncy castle with a slide inside. All the children had an awesome time inside running around, climbing the stairs, sliding down the slide and throwing a ball in the hoop. We even relaxed the rules for Celine a little by letting her participate. It was only for a couple of hours after all and should hopefully not have done any irreversible damage.

blowing out the candles

After a while of playing the children came in to eat before heading back out to the bouncy castle. They came in again when it started to rain so we opened presents, played with the presents, played pass-the-parcel and had cake. I have to say, I am very proud of how considerate Blake was in letting one of his friends help him open presents. His friend is older but has some delayed development and even though he knew it was Blake’s presents, he still wanted to open them himself.

After the cake the children all got a loot bag each to take home and left very excited and very tired with their parents. The whole party only took 2 hours but felt like forever!
Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Blake!
Love you Mama’s boy!

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