Bella’s 3 Month Update

That’s right folks! Isabella just turned 3 months old! This little baby is growing up so fast!

According to Plunket, Bella is now 59 cm tall with a head circumference of 40 cm and weighing 5.25 kg. They are a little concerned that she hasn’t gained much (250 grams) in the last month but Bella has always been slow to put on weight from birth. I’m not particularly worried about her weight gain. Bella is very alert, well fed and very active. All the yummy mummy milk she guzzles a bajillion times a day goes towards her growth and activeness.
Bella rolls a little more often now and will even from back to tummy as well as tummy to back. She loves her tummy time and is very interested in examining at the bright colourful toys I put down for her to look at and loves to stare at the television screen when her older siblings are watching it. Every now and then she will try to reach out to grab something. She isn’t overly great at grasping those items with her hands yet although she has managed to hook some with her arm to bring closer.

Bella – 3 months old / 13 weeks old

She is still wearing size 00 (3-6 months) although the clothing is a little more fitted than they were a few weeks ago.

So far her eyes are staying blue. A shade similar to Celine’s light blue than Dani’s dark blue but without the brown inner ring that Celine has in hers. It will be interesting to see if that changes in the future. Bella’s hair is still dark brown and still mostly all there although she does have a slight patch across the back of her head where it looks like she might have lost some.
Bella has her 3 month immunisations booked for next week. I’m not looking forward to that. Her 6 week ones left her screaming for a while before I could calm her with a feed. I expect much the same this time around.

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