Happy Halloween

Did you have a good Halloween this year? We had an OK one. No Trick or Treating though. That’s not much of a big deal around here. For us we just hung a few decorations, got dressed up, ate some Halloween themed meals and watched a few child friendly Halloween movies like Casper and Scooby Doo.

Starfire, Cowboy, Ladybug and Baby Fairy

Nature Fairy and Baby Fairy
The kids dressed up in some cute costumes. Celine decided to be Starfire. I have no clue who Starfire is other than she is a teenage level book character that Celine likes to try and read at her school library who likes to dress in red. We came up with our own version of Starfire for her to dress up as. 

Blake was a cowboy and had a ball shooting everyone with his toy guns. Danielle dressed up as a cute little ladybug and Isabella played the role of a Baby Fairy. Which fit in with my costume as a Nature Fairy. Hubby dressed up as the Boogeyman and gave the kids a few scares throughout the day.
Bandaged Witches Fingers
For lunch we had Bandaged Witches Fingers otherwise known as American Hot Dogs and for dinner we had Brain Salad (basic salad with walnuts for brains and olives for eyes, etc.), Blood’n Guts (spaghetti and meatballs) and Arms’n Legs (chicken nibbles).
Brain Salad, Blood’n Guts & Arms’n Legs
The kids had a fun day even without Trick or Treating creating some awesome family memories.


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