The top 10 things that Mummy does which annoys Miss 6

Celine is at that precarious stage where nothing Mummy does is done right so here are the top 10 things Mummy does which randomly seems to annoy Celine:

Grumpy Miss 6

  1. Mummy suggests she cleans her room… repeatedly.
  2. Mummy reminds her to shower, brush her hair, brush her teeth etc… repeatedly.
  3. Mummy won’t let her stay up past her bedtime on a school night.
  4. Mummy bought/made her a surprise… but it’s apparently in the wrong colour or style; or her brother and sister’s ones are better (even when they’re all EXACTLY the same.
  5. Mummy didn’t buy her a surprise.
  6. Mummy won’t let her eat just before dinner.
  7. Mummy won’t make her fresh sandwiches for her school lunch when she didn’t touch the ones from the day before.
    What’s a Mum to do?

  8. Mummy tells her what to do… all day long.
  9. Mummy won’t let her go to her friends house… even though they have already organised it at school and everything!
  10. Mummy hasn’t washed her favourite shirt/skirt/pants/pajamas/dressing gown etc yet and she wants to wear it NOW!
What are some of the things you do or did as a parent that seems to annoy your school child?


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