2014 in review

2014 has been an eventful year for my family so I thought it would be interesting to review the big moments that has hit our lives this year.


The day Celine got crutches

In January Celine was diagnosed with Perthes Disease. This hit us especially hard. We had never heard of it until this point and we knew nothing about it other than what I googled other than Celine needed to get crutches and be non-weight bearing. Readers helped by pointing me in the direction of a Snyder Sling and using the bare foot system.


1 year old Danielle

Nana also went in for a gastro type surgery to find out what was going on with her stomach. It wasn’t very informative and we still don’t know what’s going on.
In March we traveled up to Auckland to buy a new car since our Ford Falcon was getting too small for our family. Unfortunately, I managed to drop my phone into the toilet at The Warehouse on the way back and lost all the video footage from that weekend!
Danielle turned one years old in March as an already full on toddler. By this time she was already running, climbing and attempting to do everything her older siblings could!
Celine had her first Specialist appointment as well in March although nothing actually changed from the initial GP appointment that she had been diagnosed. This was the only appointment we’d get to have with this Specialist although I would have prefered him over the new one. Her X-Ray for this appointment showed disintegration in Celine’s right hip since her first X-Ray in December 2013.

5th wedding anniversary

July was a rather big month. It was Eugene’s 33rd birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary. This was also the first month we met the new Specialist for Celine that we would unfortunately continue to be under. He wasn’t very happy then and still isn’t with our crutches and sling usage. Her X-Ray showed further disintegration since March.


Celine & Blake riding ponies

In August Mum started going for ECG scans and had to have a heart operation that was meant to electrically restart her heart into a normal rhythm. Unfortunately the operation was 6 months too late (she was meant to have it at the start of the year but the waiting list took too long!) and it didn’t take.

In September, we had another Specialist appointment and this time the X-Ray showed no change. This was a positive result that I feel was due to the use of the crutches and sling even though the Specialist did not like them very much.

The first of many gifts

In October I turned 31 and to celebrate we took the kids to the Hawkes Bay Petting Zoo. Celine and Blake got to ride ponies. It was Blake’s first time riding. We also took a friend’s daughter with us and the girls had their first sleepover that weekend.
November gave us our last Specialist appointment for the year. The Specialist was still negative about Celine’s usage of crutches and sling but her X-Ray showed that her hip bone was re-solidifying and she could be considered to be in the regrowth stage. I still feel that the crutches and sling were the reason for this and not just that Celine has a mild case of Perthes Disease.
In November and December a flood of gifts arrived for Celine from viewers in Germany including a pair of Children’s Crutches and various shoes, a sash and a barefoot sandal. We are still so grateful for all your kindness.
December was the month for Blake to turn 3 and Celine to turn 7 as well as Christmas. All three events were causes for a big celebration. This is also the month that Eugene changed jobs, a highly stressful even in it’s own right.
So, that’s the main highlights of our year. Bring on 2015.
What was your year like?


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