What we decided

Following on from Sunday’s post about Celine’s Specialist appointment. We’ve decided to not change anything about Celine’s restrictions or lack of too much.
Having had thoughts running through our heads about what method to take and whether to follow the Specialist’s instructions or not etc, we’ve decided that she will continue to use her crutches and sling at least 80% of the time. The only times she won’t be using them will be situations such as getting dressed or in water (shower, pool etc).
The only real change is that she will be allowed to use her scooter for short periods of time with permission rather than her sneaking it in behind our backs until caught. We will monitor her use of it so that she doesn’t over do it and damage any regrowth to her femur head. The short periods of time I refer to is, for example, 15 minutes after school provided she has done her reading homework.
I plan to keep all other restrictions in place for the moment until I 1) discuss it with her GP at her December appointment and 2) see further improvement from Celine’s femur head in February’s X-Ray. Her Specialist may not like it but that’s what we’ve decided.


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