Specialist Appointment Update

Celine’s Specialist appointment was mostly positive this time. According to Celine’s X-Ray her femur head has started solidifying which means she no longer in the Fragmentation Stage but in the Reforming Stage. This is great news but a little confusing for the parent whose every research into Perthes Disease came across the fact that the Fragmentation Stage could take up to 2 years and we’ve not quite even hit 1 year into our journey.
Is this because Celine had only a very mild case of Perthes? Or because Celine uses crutches and a sling for at least 80% of her day or whenever her mummy can nag her into using it more? A combination of the two? I don’t know and neither does the Specialist. Although he’s more inclined to believe Celine must have had only a mild case rather than the methods we took to minimise the damage.
Top Left: August 2014. Top Right: June 2014.
Bottom: November 2014
The Specialist looked surprised to see Celine was still using crutches and a sling and made several remarks that he’d like her to stop using them and get on with life as normal just with no high impact activities. Am I inclined to follow that advice? Not really. Unless the next X-Ray shows further improvement to the femur head, I’m more inclinded to keep her as before. Crutches and sling for most of the day.
Another surprising fact that came out of the appointment is that he sees all the Perthes children in Hawkes Bay and that he sees up to 8-9 children a year with Perthes Disease. 8-9 children a year. In Hawkes Bay. Where the heck are these other children? Are they in the support groups on FB? I haven’t seen them. I would love to find some of the other families dealing with Perthes Disease that live in our area.


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