Perthes Specialist Appointment Update

Friday was Celine’s specialist appointment and although we had the same specialist as last time (the one I wasn’t happy with) this time was much better. Celine walked normally when asked rather than trying to favour her hip as she assumed he wanted and she was apparently not showing any signs of irritation this time.
Celine’s X-Ray – Left: August 2014. Right: June 2014.
Even Celine’s X-Ray was great showing no further signs of deterioration since the last X-Ray in June. So we have the go ahead to continue as we have been which for Celine is sneaking around in the mornings and evenings for short periods without using her crutches and using her crutches and sling for the majority of the day. He was even pleased with her sling this time (unlike last time).
So all in all a much better appointment than before and making excellent progress. He was even happy to continue with letting her body heal naturally with no more discussion of hospital rest (at least for now).
Next specialist appointment will be 14 November 2014 or there about.


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