Orthopedic Update

Celine had her first Orthopedic appointment yesterday (Friday 11 April 2014).
Her appointment was for 9:05 am but the doctor didn’t even arrive until nearly half past.

Celine waiting for her appointment
We saw the junior doctor first who asked all the usual questions:
“When did it start?” On a school trip in December.
“How did it start?” Celine bent over to pick something up, heard a click, and was sore and limping from that point.
“How often are you sore?” All the time. Sometimes it wakes her up at night (thus mummy finding her awake and watching tv at 2 am that morning).
“What do you take for the pain?” Ibuprofen.

And on and on it went until the senior doctor came in and got a condensed version of all the answers. After a quick check of her leg mobility while she was lying on the bed, we were sent for a new x-ray as her previous one was 4 months old (having been done in December 2013) before going back to talk to the senior doctor. The x-ray confirmed the Perthes Disease diagnosis and that the disintegration of her femur head is getting worse.

After x-ray comfort cuddles

Secretly I was hoping that it wouldn’t but wishes for horses and all that.

We were given all the same instructions.
Remain non-weight bearing. Restrict physical activities. Etc etc etc.

The good news from the appointment is that he wants a closer eye kept on Celine medically so we’ve already been booked into the very next clinic appointment with the pediatrician for June.  A much better time frame than the 3 months we’ve just waited for this particular appointment.

Guess I’m going to have to get onto the disability parking permit after all.

Also an update for those waiting on the Q&A Vlog, I am just waiting for Celine’s school holidays for Easter since this is quite a big project and that is when she has the most free time.

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