What would life be like without Perthes Disease?

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walking to school

I do answer this question briefly in part 4 of the Q&A series being posted on the Mummy Channel this coming Tuesday. But I kind of felt like I should do a more in depth answer as well. Basically I was asked what life would be like is Celine had never been diagnosed with Perthes Disease.

"life without perthes" "amummyslifenz" "celine's journey" "legg-calve perthes disease"

swinging on the monkey bars

Before Celine was diagnosed with Perthes Disease she was an extremely active child. She still is really but she was outside more either jumping on the trampoline that the children got as an early Christmas present last year or climbing on the swing set or on the fences. The monkey bars and the slide were a huge favourite when visiting the park and either walking or riding her scooter to school and back. Celine could always be found running rather than walking around the house and constantly jumping, skipping or rolling around the yard.


All that obviously changed once she was diagnosed with Perthes Disease and some of it had already started changing before we’d even received the diagnosis. Because she was in pain and limping we’d already started not walking to school and back. We’d get half way to school and I would end up giving her a piggy back because she’d be too sore to continue on her own feet.

"life without perthes" "amummyslifenz" "celine's journey" "legg-calve perthes disease"

dancing in the garden

Once we’d received the diagnosis, we found a lot of her activities (or pretty much all of them) were now restricted. Walk the short distance to school? Not any more. Ride her scooter or jump on the tramp? Out of the question. Climbing on the monkey bars or going down the slide? Forget about it! Instead we had to focus on the less physical activities for her entertainment.

Did anything else change in our lives? Not really. We try not to let Celine get away with too much “invalid and disabled” behaviour. She is still expected to do her chores like tidying her room and putting away her clothing or anything else when asked to even if she has to modify how she does it from what she used to do. She is not allowed to throw her weight around whenever she doesn’t get her way.
We try to treat just like any other child despite her disability.

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