GP/Specialist Appointment Update

This week has been a busy week for Celine. On Tuesday we had a GP appointment before school to get a new prescription for her pain medication. Which resulted in our GP advising us that we will need to manage and anticipate her pain which involves dosing Celine with her meds before she really needs them, especially if it’s going to be a more active day than normal (EG Thursday afternoon is when the school holds Physical Education and so she should get a dose of meds before participating). He has also upped her prescription from Ibuprofen to Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.
We walked out of the chemist feeling like druggies just for the amount of bottles we had just for one month’s supply!
Friday was the all important 3 monthly specialist appointment. I think he was an orthopedic specialist but he was a different one to the specialist we saw in April (2014). We had the usual x-rays and yes I managed to get a photo copy of them from his computer screen (with his permission, of course).
December 2013
He wasn’t to happy about her sling. Not because it was limiting the damage to Celine’s hip, but more along the lines of the muscle atrophy that can occur to lack of use. He suggested that she continue to use her crutches but with her foot on the ground (a somewhat awkward maneuver and not exactly limiting damage to her hip since she wouldn’t be completely non-weight bearing while doing so. Rather defeats the purpose to my mind). However, Celine does have exercises to combat that from her physiotherapist and I am going to encourage her to continue using her sling and to up her exercises.

April 2014
Celine was not totally comfortable in his presence and so did not speak up when she felt pain when he was moving her leg around to test hip irritability (he wasn’t watching her face either or he would have seen the pain and discomfort there even without her speaking) and didn’t understand his request to walk across the room without her crutches as normally as possible since she kept trying to keep her foot off the ground (very unlike how she does so at home). So I feel he kind of got the wrong impression a little on her normal range of motion.
April 2014
Her X-Ray confirmed that she is further into the fragmentation stage of the Perthes Disease and suggested that she may require bed rest at the hospital when the hip irritability worsens.
Left: July 2014.                                Right: April 2014.
And just to be a little frustrating: he approved us for the Child Disability Allowance to cover medications and doctor visits etc but not the Mobility Car Permit which would allow us to park in the disability car parks when driving her to and from destinations.


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