Celine’s teacher

This week I am thankful for: Celine’s teacher.

Last Friday Celine went to a friends house to play while I took a trip into the city and I discovered that the teacher Celine is to have this year lives right next door to her friend. What’s more, Celine’s teacher came out to greet me as I was walking back to the car and we had a discussion about Celine’s new needs and requirements at school now that she has Perthes Disease and she had some suggestions for how the school can deal with it; such as a swimming programme that another child at the school does during the fitness time on Wednesday afternoons at the local indoor pools where the school arranges the transport etc and the parent just pays the entrance fee.

She is also going to bring up the situation at the Teacher’s Only Day this week so that the other teachers are aware of the situation and can raise other ideas. Why am I thankful for this? It saves me having to make an appointment to see Celine’s teacher about this very issue next week once school starts and means that Celine can attend the first day of school without having to worry about her needs being overlooked.

What are you thankful for this week?

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