Celine is super spoilt!

Honestly, all you viewers are so, so, so very kind!

I don’t know how to thank you all!

Barefoot Sandal from AnneMarie
Celine received two new gifts this week. 
Last Thursday she received a barefoot sandal from AnneMarie. I have to apologise for the photo however as I had put it on incorrectly when I took this photo the day it arrived. The part that I have over the heel should go around the ankle and the part I have going around to the front of the the foot should be along the sole. I will try to get a photo with the correct setting next time Celine wears it.
Sash from Sabine
Then yesterday, Celine received a very cool sash from Sabine. This sash is a neat way for Perthes Children to keep their foot up at the beach or pools. It just slips over their shoulder and the foot slips into the lower part. The material dries faster than the leather belt of Celine’s sling would for the same situation and would take longer to put on and off when wet.
Thank you so much everyone. You fill my heart beyond all measure with your kindness towards Celine.


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