About Celine’s Foot

We get a lot of questions about Celine’s use of foot decorations or lack of and of her sling usage from our daily vlogs so I just wanted to clear up a few things.
Working out how to make a Snyder Sling
When Celine was first diagnosed with Perthes Disease it was the middle of our summer (January) and during the school holidays. We were advised by a reader/viewer who had dealt with Perthes with her own daughter that to help her get used to walking around with her foot off the ground to try a Snyder Sling and to keep her Perthes foot shoeless to prevent the temptation to put her foot on the ground. She also suggested decorating the foot as another preventative in keeping her foot off the ground. So we did.
The more updated version of Celine’s Snyder Slings
After a while Celine got used to keeping her foot of the ground and she started not wearing her sling. When school started she was no longer allowed to wear nail polish and temporary tattoos or her toe rings as they are not part of her school uniform. Then a viewer said that she had good results from the sling with her own daughter who had just been diagnosed. So I started implementing the sling full time at school and whenever else I could convince her to wear it. If her last x-ray was any indication it is really working well.
Then we hit wintertime and her bare foot started wearing a shoe and/or a sock. Although in the vlogs it may have looked sunny during this time it was very cold and Celine needed warmth in her foot to help with her hip pain.
Toe Ring Decorations
A viewer sent Celine some toeless and jandel socks at the end of winter for her to try out. They worked out very well but now we are starting to hit the warmer months again with Spring. So while we still have the occasional freezing day that may require some socks to keep warm, Celine is now starting to enjoy a bare foot again on the warmer days.
So please, if you are a viewer on the other side of the world and you wanted to see more of Celine wearing her toeless socks, please be patient. I’m sure there will be a couple of occasions in the upcoming school holidays where she will once again be wearing her toeless or jandel socks and other foot decorations. Please do understand, we are in the opposite season to yourself.
Thank you for your support in viewing our daily vlogs and we do love your feedback.
I hope this answered some of your questions about Celine’s foot.


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