A novel idea

On Monday night after dinner I was fiddling around with one of the kid’s M&M toys. Absentmindedly I stuck one of the toy’s legs through the loop at the top of his head. You know, that loop that is used for hanging him up when you want to? Looking down at it, it got me thinking. It looked like the toy’s leg was in a sling, just like Celine’s.

toys with crutches

I noticed a couple of colouring pencils on the bench and found two hair ties. I then used the hair ties to secure the pencils to the toy’s hands and studied it again. It looked like the toy was on crutches too. Handing it to Celine she began to play with it until bedtime.

She started playing with it again this morning.
This whole time my brain has been thinking. Just quietly but constantly. ARE there any toys that represent the different disabled children out in the world? OR are all the toys just designed to represent the fully-able child population? IF there was such a toy out there, where and how could you purchase them? WHAT if there isn’t? IS there a market for such toys?
Celine’s M&M toy has been a hit to the extent that even her younger siblings wanted to play with it. But maybe it’s just the novelty factor?
What do you think? Should I look into the idea of maybe sourcing such toys? Would other children like to play with them? If such a toy existed, would it be better to be plush or movable?


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