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This is a post for those curious bloggers visiting from UBC but it may be one that interests a lot of my readers even those who aren’t other bloggers. Who am I? I’m sure most of you have already visited my Welcome page to learn a little about me and if you haven’t then you could take the opportunity to do so now. In the meantime let me tell you a little about myself and my blog.

If you’ve seen my posts so far from this first week of UBC then you’ll have noticed that my blog doesn’t quite fit into the usual boxes of blogs that participate in the blog challenges. This is because my blog is not a “how-to” blog or an “advice” blog. My blog doesn’t even fit into the usual “lifestyle” blog that you can find in the group. Why?
Simply put, my blog is a “mummy” blog. It can actually get quite personal at times. Sometimes I vent my frustrations that being a mother brings and sometimes I just share a photo. I actually tend to follow a schedule for my posts. On Mondays I post motivational pictures and on Tuesdays I share recipes. Wednesdays used to be my weight loss posts but I am taking a break from those and now participate in Wordless Wednesday for that day. Thursdays are my silver lining posts where I post about something I am thankful for that week. Fridays are my flashback photo posts, Saturdays my YouTube “day in the life” vlog round up post for the week and Sundays are my free-for-all posts. The one thing you can always guarantee about my blog is that it is generally about my family life.
That’s enough about my blog. So now some information about me.
My name is Patricia. I live in the beautiful region of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand (which is why my posts tend to come out the day before most of you would expect it). I am 30 years old. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children who are often the main topic of my blog posts. I enjoy reading, sewing and watching Once Upon a Time, Grimm and Game of Thrones. Most of my time is spent with my children.
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My little family – photo by Freedom Photography in 2013

Our oldest child is Celine. She is 6 years old and has Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. A lot of the posts I make about her deal with living with Perthes Disease and how we cope. I seem to be one of the few current bloggers who are currently blogging about this disease or at least that is what I’ve noticed when I google these days. Most blogs I’ve found on the topic seem to be out of date with no recent posts.
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Blake is our middle child and our only son. He is 2 years old. He is a happy loveable child who loves getting into mischief when he’s not cuddling into me. He is very protective of his baby sister and can often be found holding her hand and leading her down to Nana’s Cottage to play with the dog’s water.
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Danielle is our youngest as a 1 year old. She is starting to get the nickname Dani Houdini as she is very good at hacking ways to get out usually with the help of Blake. At the moment she is going through the clingy stage and so is very rarely not sitting on my hip as I try to get housework done. Dani is very much a daddy’s girl and will run to him when Hubby gets home from work.
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So now you know a little more about me and why my blog is different to the others you see blogging in UBC. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?

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About AMummysLife NZ

Mother of 4 children. Blogger about family life, recipes, product reviews and motherhood in general.
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