So Much Has Happened!

So much has happened! Honestly, I have so much to be thankful for this week that it’s hard to know where to begin!
"So Much Has Happened" "amummyslifenz"
Celine’s new crutches
 Last week Thursday, Celine recieved her very own pair of  colourful children’s crutches from a German theatre group who had ordered a pair too many for their play A Christmas Carol. They are fun and cute and light and Celine is zooming around on them. They are so cool that both Blake and Danielle are constantly wanting them for themselves and try to steal them the second Celine lets them go.
"So Much Has Happened" "amummyslifenz"
Blake is now a big Preschooler!
Blake turned 3 on Saturday. He’s grown up so much lately and has learnt so many new surprising things. He loves the presents he recieved and especially loves his new Spiderman doll as well as his Thomas train toy.


"So Much Has Happened" "amummyslifenz"
Celine trying on her new sandals.
Then Tuesday Celine recieved an early Birthday present from a lovely lady in Germany named Akkelyn who follows our Daily Vlogs. She sent Celine a lovely pair of wooden Berkemann sandels. Celine finds them very comfortable and loved showing them off at school this week.
"So Much Has Happened" "amummyslifenz"
Danielle opening her SS presents.
 On Wednesday, Danielle got her own presents from a Secret Santa arranged in her Baby Due Group. She has spent most of her day since cuddling her new Baby and “reading” her new book.


"amummyslifenz" "So Much Has Happened"
The Vlogs are now uploading!
Then today, we finally have our Daily Vlogs uploading after a week with no charger for the laptop that I use for vlog editing and uploading because the original one decided to blow up and the replacement didn’t arrive until yesterday and then our internet went down yesterday so I wasn’t able to upload my vlogs anyway! However the internet was sorted out this morning and the vlogs are now uploading as I type!
What a week!

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