Ideas on how to decorate a Perthes Foot

When a child has Legg-Calve Perthes Disease they are already under a lot of curiosity from bystanders. Especially if they are in crutches or a wheelchair. Sometimes the best way to build that confidence is to show off their bare foot by decorating it and making it stand out. I’ve put together some ideas that either I or a reader came up with on how Celine decorated her foot when she had it in her Sling. Most of these options are versatile can should be suitable for both boys and girls.
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The different various options for decorating the Perthes Foot.
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Temporary Tattoos

The first option is the temporary tattoos. There are a wide variety of temporary tattoos and I believe you can even design your own and print them off yourself with a special tattoo paper. In this photo Celine is showing off a butterfly tattoo with some blue and yellow star ones. The butterfly tattoo is one which transfers onto the foot by dampening the tattoo paper and the stars are ones which are printed off onto the special paper which Celine received a few months ago by Alix, another little girl with Perthes Disease.

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Nail Polish
Painting their toenails is another option. In this photo Celine has chosen a pretty glittery purple. She also uses a pretty glittery pink (her two favourite colours). However any colour is fine and there are also funky nail art designs you can use to make it more interesting these days. Even boys might like a go at some nail art ideas on their toes. Pinterest have a huge range of photo ideas out there to look at.
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Toe Rings

Toe rings are another option for decorating a perthes foot! There are so many gorgeous toe rings and rather than wearing them normal side up your child can wear them on the reverse side when having their foot in the Sling. You can wear one on each toe like Celine has in the photo or just one or two on select toes. One tip for these is to find rings that can be adjustable as they are easier to fit on and off your toes.


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Barefoot Sandals

There is also the option of barefoot sandals. The neat thing about these is that you can make them however you want in any colours or style that you like. You could even personalise it with letter beads that spell the child’s name if you chose. Celine made this barefoot sandal from beads and string that Christine sent her.

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Jandal Sock
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Toeless Sock

When colder weather hits your child can wear Toeless or Jandal socks. The Toeless sock is to cut right across the toe section whereas the Jandal sock has a section of sock that goes between the big and second toe. You can do this with any sock, just make sure to hem the edges so they don’t fray. These ones were ones sent to Celine by another reader with a Perthes daughter.

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Combing a Temporary Tattoo with Toe Rings
Don’t forget you can combine any and all of the above ideas for more impact. In this photo Celine has two toe rings combined with a puppy temporary tattoo.

Have fun with decorating your Perthes Foot and be proud to show it off!


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