The New Vacuum Part 2 | Product Review

Right, so I’m still pretty impressed with this new vacuum. I vacuumed again today (yes I usually vacuum every day, don’t act so surprised) and still managed to pick up quite a bit!
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Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro
Today rather than judging each room individually I vacuumed all of them in one go and then had a look.
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The contents of all carpet areas in the house in one go on day 2.
Then I went down to mum’s cottage that I have neglected for the last month while the old vacuum was broken.
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The contents of mum’s lounge
It took me 3.5 empties of the container just to do mum’s lounge and one to do her bedroom.
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The contents of mum’s bedroom
After doing this cottage I got out the attachments and tried out the lift away section with the hard floor head and the extended wand.
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Vacuum in lift away hard floor mode
I completed all the hard floors in my house in this mode. This includes the kitchen, the main toilet, the main bathroom/laundry room, our bathroom and the lino area outside it.
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The after results
You would think, seeing as these floors are swept fairly regularly that they would be clean right? Oh well, at least you get 3 of the pads and they they can be chucked straight into the wash afterwards!
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Extended wand mode
Next was the extended wand mode to do the ceilings and corners for spiders etc. I didn’t take an after photo. Spider webs don’t take up a lot of room.
My thoughts, the lift away section was reasonably light enough while doing the hard floors but by the time I got to the extended wand section my arms were starting to feel like they were getting a work out. It was a little bit awkward carrying both the handle and the container while moving around the room but it was manageable and I’ll probably become a pro at it before long. I did find that the extended wand reach wasn’t quite long enough and the tube part not quite stretchy enough to comfortably reach my ceiling but again it’s something that I’ll most likely get used to doing before long.
Over all, I’d rate this vacuum as worth getting and using.
Check in tomorrow for my thoughts on the Shark Steam Mop.

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