Sony Vaio Laptop

In August last year, hubby bought me a brand new Sony Vaio laptop as a very early birthday present because I was sick of our HP laptop turning off every time the power cord was pulled out. It was lovely and light and fast and pink.
But in the last month the Sony Vaio laptop started falling apart. No where near a year old and the plastic around the hinges started breaking bits off. The pink cover on the lid kept unclipping and one of the inner metal hinges has completely come out from the inside. Then the base started to unclip as well.
Now, today, has come the final straw. The keyboard started playing up. The shift button wouldn’t work properly. Then the backspace button stopped working. And the @ sign would randomly press itself a few dozen times without prompting. It got to the stage where I just couldn’t type with it.
So I’m now back on the HP laptop and my pink Sony Vaio laptop is being sent for repairs, if it can be repaired, that is.
I don’t seem to have much luck with laptops.


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