The Shark Navigator Vacuum

So my new Shark Navigator vacuum arrived today much to my excitement. The courier man laughed at me, saying he’s never met anyone so excited about a vacuum cleaner before. I replied to him that he would be excited too if he’d spent the last month trying to vacuum with a broken cleaner and having to resort to getting on hands and knees to do so!
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro and Shark Steam Mop
Due to getting this through a 30 day trial before actual purchase we also got the steam mop free.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
Vacuum set up and ready to go
 Of course before I could try it out I had to finish what I was already in the process of doing which was stripping miss monkey’s bedroom of all her toys and most of her clothing as the warned consequence of not cleaning it on Sunday when she was told to.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
Monkey’s room before I hit it
It took me a good couple of hours to clear her room of everything but a few items of clothing and her furniture. The idea is that she has to earn her stuff back through chores and good behaviour.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
The stuff that was removed from her room
Only one of the boxes is filled with clothing. The rest are all toys!
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
Monkey’s room after I hit it with the new vacuum
I was pretty disgusted with what came out of the carpets in monkey’s bedroom.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
The contents of dust/dirt that came out of the carpet in monkey’s bedroom
Next I hit the lounge with the vacuum.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
The floor before vacuuming
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
What came out of the lounge carpet
Then was master monster’s bedroom and the hall way.
"amummyslifenz" "Shark Navigator Vacuum"
What came out of monster’s bedroom carpet and the hall way carpet
And lastly and the definite most disgusting award goes to my own bedroom and the baby’s room!
What came out of my bedroom and miss leprechaun’s bedroom carpets
Colour me impressed with this machine!
The Shark Navigator is reasonably light and fairly easy to move around the room. There are a few things that I would change if I could such as the cord has to be held to prevent it getting in the way and the power head doesn’t lift up to different levels like my Wertheim 3060 does. But those things are easily enough to live with. The suction is great as you can see from the container which I should point out that I emptied after each photo!
I have yet to try out the hard floor head or the lift away section but I’ll be doing that tomorrow along with a second run of the whole house. I’ll also be trying it out on mum’s cottage which has been sadly neglected since my Wertheim handle broke due to just being too difficult to vacuum the house with let alone attempting her cottage as well! That will be a real test since her carpet is also covered with dog hair.
I also plan to try out the steam mop on Wednesday.


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